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Combine a CALayer Position Animation with a Value Animation

Combine a CALayer Position Animation with a value animation … ???

I came around this problem during a project where we should move a formatted text containing a number like, e.g. “It took x seconds to complete the task”. During the movement x should be incremented to following the timing […]

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TDD UIStoryBoardSegues

When it comes to TDD UIStoryboardSegues there are several things you need to consider. A segue can be manually triggered, when used within a UIViewController, or connected  as action to a e.g. UIBarButtonItem/UIButton.

The first question you’d ask is:”Is the segue connected?”
Unfortunately for manually triggered segues there is no way […]

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Test Driven Development with Automator Actions

Wether you wonna start with TDD on a existing code base or right from the beginning of your project means also checking for all your IBOutlets to be connected in your view controllers. If you have a bunch of outlets, generating the test methods is a somewhat boring task.
The […]

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Test-Driven iOS Development

I recently came to Graham Lee’s book Test-Driven iOS Development when looking for an in-depth look on unit testing.

The Book doesn’t make use of mock objects but using what is coming with every Xcode installation – OCUnit/SenTestingKit.

The unit testing environment lacks mock objects, so as soon as you start […]

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The Agile Samurai – All about your start in agile development

The Agile Samurai by Jonathan Rasmusson lets you dive in what it takes to start being agile.
From introducing agile principles as “done means done” via the Inception desk, the first and one of the crucial steps you take in agile. Followed by Project Planning and Project Execution it goes
to […]

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